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Suites, Sonatas, Capriccios, Variations
모음곡, 소나타, 카프리치오,변주곡
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Suites - a BWV 818, 818 a, Eb BWV 819, 819 a, F BWV 820 (Overture), f BWV 823, A BWV 832, F BWV 833 (Prelude and Partita) Individual Suite Movements - 2nd Minuet from the French Suite c BWV 813a; Minuet from the French Suite Bb BWV 815a; 3 Minuets from the Notebook for W. F. Bach G BWV 841, g BWV 842, G BWV 843 Sonatas - D BWV 963, a BWV 967; Sonatas after Reinken a BWV 965, C BWV 966; Sonata d BWV after the Violinsonata a; Adagio G BWV 968 after the Violinsonata C (Sonata movement) Capriccios and Variations - Capriccio sopra la lontananza Bb BWV 992; Capriccio E BWV 993; Aria variata a BWV 989; Appendix Critical Commentary